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Breaking News: Vu-Bridge with Voice!

Click anywhere in the page to stop the speech.

Thanks to the voice feature, the new Vu-Bridge Player can "say" the comments at loud.

Of course you can still read the comments, but we're certain you'll get used to the voice feature in no time, and then you'd say: "I can't play without voice anymore!"

Even better: for existing customers, the voice feature is yours at no extra cost. Just open "My Vubridge" as usual and play - With voice.

You can also highlight a paragraph and have it said again (on a PC or a Mac).

Try it by clicking the picture above.
To stop the speech, just click anywhere on the page.

In the Vu-Bridge player, to turn the speech "On", you have to touch the checkbox before clicking on the Play button.

You can stop the voice at any tyme by touching / clicking the screen again.
You can turn the sound back "On" from the "Menu" button in the Vu-Bridge player.

Depending on your device and web browser, the voice feature might speak the text with different voices, and sound better or poorer.

iPad and iPhone users: if the voice doesn't work on your iPad with Safari, you can try to install the Google Chrome web browser from the Apple store.

Android tablet users: you should try to use the Chrome web browser rather than the native one.

Android smartphone users: we're sorry but the voice isn't yet available with your device.

* Important disclaimer:The voice feature relies on your device and the web browser in use. If the speech pitch or rate doesn't suit you, please try with another web browser. Vu-Bridge doesn't sell the voice feature. Vu-Bridge will decline any responsibility about the feature being available, on such or such particular computer or device.

What's New?

With the pervasive use of mobile devices, many users play Vu-Bridge from more than one single device.

You have a PC or a Mac, an iPad or tablet, an iPhone or a smartphone and you want to play from any location where you have Internet access.

Vu-Bridge has re-designed its web site and player interface from scratch, so that with a single subscription to V-Green, V-Blue or the Quizzes you can access from any connected device.

New Web Site

  • Self-adapts to the size and orientation of your device.
  • Better user interface with a clearer presentation of the products for intermediate players, beginners and teachers.
  • New Vu-Bridge Player with voice feature:  See below.